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What is a Podcast?

Podcast is an unfortunate name, because it causes a lot of confusion. People hear of a podcast, and they think they must have an ipod to listen. Not at all. You don’t have to have an ipod to listen to a podcast. You can listen to a podcast on an ipod, but you can also listen on your computer, or on your mp3 player. Podcasts aren’t limited to just ipods. Because of this confusion, there is a movement to instead call this medium “netcast” instead of “podcast”. The term “netcast” doesn’t clarify things much, but at least people don’t immediately think they need to have an ipod to participate.

So what is a podcast? A podcast is simply an audio file distributed on the Internet. It is usually in the mp3 format, although it could be in some other format. Here at Milligantown Theological Society, we use the mp3 format because that is the most universally accepted format for distribution. If your computer can play mp3 files, you can listen to the Milligantown Theological Society.

A podcast also has a syndication feed. This is just a computer readable file that points to the audio file. When a podcaster posts their audio file, they also update their syndication feed (sometimes called an RSS feed). That way podcast grabbing software can know about the newly posted podcast.

If you want to listen to a podcast, you have a few options. You can listen to it from your computer by clicking on the link to the audio file. For Milligantown Theological Society, just click on the click here link in the episode listing. Your computer will then open an audio player and stream the contents to you. In this way you can listen to the podcast immediately.

If you prefer to listen to the podcast later, you can right click on the link and select “save link as” to save the audio file to your computer so you can listen to it at your convenience on your computer, or by downloading it to your mp3 player.

Or if you have software to automatically gather podcasts for you, you can add the podcast’s syndication feed to your podcast gathering software and let it get the audio file when it is posted. For Milligantown Theological Society, our syndication feed is http://milligantown.org/feed/. Add that to your podcast client and it will automatically get our podcast when we post it.

So enjoy listening to our discussions however you would like. You can even listen on your ipod, if you so desire.