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Announcement for April 1st, 2007

After the tremendous success of the Milligantown Theological Society’s podcast, we at MTS are pleased to announce that we are going to expand our operations. Beginning in the fall of 2007, we plan to open the Milligantown Theological Seminary. This is a natural step for us, since the acronym remains the same: MTS.

We are beginning our preparations for the first classes in the fall. We will soon be quitting our day time jobs, and will be working full time for the Milligantown Theological Seminary come this fall. But don’t worry. We plan to continue with the podcasts in our spare time.

We are pleased to announce the staff for the Milligantown Theological Seminary:

  • Doug Comin will be head of Pastoral Grooming. As Doug says, “Few things can undermine a well crafted sermon more than a bad hair day.” Doug has offered personal grooming counseling to Marlin Klingensmith as proof of the value of his techniques.

  • The Venerable Randy Johovich will be the Professor of History, and Seminary Librarian. Randy’s qualifications for these positions are clear, since he has over 200 books in his own personal library. We are told that Randy’s teaching style is quite animated.

  • Marlin Klingensmith will teach time management and cat herding. Moderating the panel in the Milligantown Theological Society podcast has given him the experience in teaching this pastoral level class.

  • Brian Panichelle will be Professor of Life Lessons Learned from Young Children. The first lesson will be taught from his completely red letter edition Bible created with the help of his four year old and a cup of fruit punch.

  • Vince Scavo will be the Professor of Sermon Illustrations, giving him the chance to share his vast knowledge of pop culture and baseball history with the seminary students.

We are very excited about this expansion of the Milligantown franchise, and are pleased to be able to announce it to you on this April Fool’s day, 2007.

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